tangramMETA  is our innovation and advanced technology group, formed to harness the potential of digital technologies, Artificial and Augmented Intelligence to create Xtended reality spaces that are virtual and mixed. Seamlessly integrating Metaverse spaces within our physically built Terrestrial architecture spaces in a Multiverse solution that becomes an exponent of environmentally conscious sustainable design.

Bringing a new green strategy to the built environment that will make us more agile as we all help drive systemic change to deliver environmental security and a smart and resilient future for our buildings and cities of tomorrow.


Allow us to join your journey as you navigate change and evolve your business model to invest in innovation, to scope and create your Digital Identity, and to help create a more liveable, equitable and sustainable future for us all.


Join us in our virtual design studio, make an appointment to consult with us at our digital design lab, or contact us to arrange an in-person call or meeting. Whatever your design needs, together we can make change happen!