In a collaboration based on excellence and vision, with the aim of providing integrated and proactive services to the elite, tangramMETA have established a partnership with one of the leading, emerging technology companies in Germany , Talent hof UG Haft.. Together we strive to chart the visionary future of architecture and construction, by harnessing the potential of digital technologies to be influential in shaping the future of climate tech. We blend experience and vision to present an Ecoverse concept beyond sustainability, which ensures that our digital services are safe, secure and stable, to supplement our physical architectural and construction services which are ever evolving and adaptive. Developed initially for the expansion and improvement of delivering networked healthcare services, enhance patient outcomes, and to optimize health system efficiency by best utilising telemedicine, metaphysics, and robotics to reduce the amount of patient hospital visits and to sustainably deliver healthcare equally to those even in the remotest locations in the World. We offer customised digital platforms and build user-friendly apps to support Digital Health Strategies, Virtual Health Innovation, eHealth delivery and Virtual Care Services, which blend human experiences with leading healthcare delivery from around the world in the continuous pursuit of new innovations in the field of Artificial Intelligence for both primary and advanced healthcare.